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Business Planning for Restaurant Owners

Serving Clients in the Edmond Oklahoma Area

A large percentage of restaurants in the United States are small family businesses.  As a restaurant owner, you know that planning for a restaurant is especially hard.  In fact, most restaurants fail during the first year.  One reason many restaurants fail is because they fail to plan properly.  We understand how hard it is to plan for and operate a restaurant because we have opened and operated many restaurants with more than one concept. 

Proper planning will help you be successful with your restaurant during all phases.  We are here to help you with your restaurant planning.  Whether you are ready to begin your journey in the restaurant business or restructure your existing operation, we can help.  We have began restaurants and we have restructured restaurants.  In the event you need to exit an unsuccessful venture we can also help in that process.  In helping you plan as it relates to your restaurant we will take the time to understand your unique problems and perspectives and help you develop plans the help you be successful and achieve your objectives.  

Finally, when the time comes to transition your restaurant business, we will ask the tough questions so plans and strategies can be created and implemented that help you successfully transfer your restaurant to new ownership, all while equipping the next generation of leadership to succeed. We will also create integrated planning solutions that protect the property you have for the ones you love the most.