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Planning for Business Owners

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Over 90%  of all businesses in the United States are small businesses that are either family owned or family controlled. These “family” business come in all shapes and sizes and represent all sectors of our economy.  Behind every family businesses is an entrepreneur driven by a passion to make a difference.  We know, because we are family business owners who have built many businesses in several different industries, including law, real estate and restaurants.  We understand the business you’ve built, or the next one you’re going to build, needs to be built for success: not just for today, but well into the future, and special care must be taken when it is time to transition from your business. 

We take the time to get to know you as well your industry, your business plan, your growth plans, and exit plans.  We help you design and implement a legal and operating environment to set you up for success. We stay on top of many of the legal and compliance issues you may face as your company grows.  

Finally, when the time comes to transition your business, we will ask the tough questions so plans and strategies can be created and implemented that help your business successfully transfer to new ownership, all while equipping the next generation of leadership to succeed.  We will make sure that the land mines that exist have been discussed and planned for whether those land mines are tax related, relationship related or whatever the landmine is.  We will create integrated planning solutions that protect your business and your property for those you love and care about the most.