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About Heartland Legacy Planning, LLC

Serving Clients in Edmond, Oklahoma

Our vision and values

Randall W. Kamp (“Randy”) is President and CEO of Heartland Legacy Planning, LLC an Estate Planning and Business Succession law firm located in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Randy’s highest desire is to H.E.L.P. his clients. He does this by being Honest and trustworthy. He also does everything Ethically and in an Excellent manner. He helps his clients provide a lasting Legacy plan for their loved ones, and finally he does this in a Professional and Progressive manner.

Core Values


H = Honest/trustworthy

we will do everything we do in an honest and trustworthy manner


E = Ethically/excellent

we will do everything we do in an ethical manner and provide excellent service


L = The Legacy Plan

We will provide a legacy plan that meets our clients objectives and desires


P = Professionalism

We will provide the service in a professional and progressive manner taking advantage of the laws and practices most beneficial to our clients

Mission Statement

Our mission is to H.E.L.P families and businesses protect their property and leave a legacy to their loved ones and organizations they care deeply for.

Vision Statement

We will become a respected and sought after legacy planning firm for families and businesses providing ethical, thoughtful and progressive legacy plans for the people and organizations our
clients care deeply about.

Meet The Attorney

Randall Kamp Edmond Oklahoma attorney
Randall Kamp, J.D.

Edmond Attorney Randall Kamp devotes his life to protecting the nation’s heartland’s families and their legacies.